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A healthy work environment supports the good physical and mental health of employees, which has been proven to lead to more positive, more productive, engaged employees who are motivated to deliver the best they can for their company. The facts are clear: as much as a supportive mental health strategy is good for employees, it is just as good and effective for the company.

If psychological support is missing?

Feeling that there is a lack of psychological support from the organization can lead to:

  • More absences from work (absenteeism)

  • Presence at work, but without real productivity (presenteeism)

  • Behaviors of withdrawal from duties and responsibilities

  • Conflicts

  • A sense of failure – can lead to chronic fatigue, headaches, burnout and anxiety

  • Financial losses

  • Loss of motivation

  • Increased costs

  • Increased risk of accidents and injuries

How do I work to support employees and companies?

  • Presentations/training seminars on mental health with the aim of removing the stigma around seeking psychological support, as well as raising awareness of positive coping strategies, signals of poor mental health, risky behaviours, how to take better care of ourselves, information about different mental conditions and etc.

  • Psychological consultations within the work system, with guaranteed confidentiality. As a systemic therapist, I am qualified to provide support for a spectrum of emotional and mental states and life situations - stress, anxiety, depressive states, professional burn out. The sessions are free for employees and requests could be emailed in advance. If more specialized psychotherapy work is desired, the employer can cover the costs of therapy sessions outside of the work environment.

  • Teamwork– identification of specific psychological profiles and how each member of the team could contribute to improving the general work, increasing efficiency, soft skills, group dynamics. Through methods related to "experiential learning", art techniques and role-playing games, positive changes in the group dynamics of teams are achieved.

  • Psychological testing– with the help of Myers Briggs Personality Typology, every single employee could realize their weaknesses/strengths, how to improve desired personal and professional aspects; useful in career guidance;


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