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My name is Anna. If I have to describe myself with three words, I would say that I am an enthusiastic, creative and a tolerant person. I am a psychologist, dedicated to the quality of life of individuals and families and in the last 13 years I have developed my professional life in the NGO sector, working in a high school,  though informal education as a trainer, free lance writing. 

I love my job. I am a certified family therapist, member of the British Psychological Society, The Bulgarian Psychological Society, and I work on an individual level, as well as on the family system level, in my office in the center of Sofia. I actively work with English-speaking clients. I am the mother of two kids and a happy owner of a dog, a passionate decoupage fan and I rest by bringing life to old wooden objects. I enjoy watching psycho-thrillers, reading Irving Yalom, listening to Eshter Perel's Podcast.