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My name is Anna. If I have to describe myself with three words, I would say that I am an enthusiastic, creative and a tolerant person. I am a psychologist, dedicated to the quality of life of individuals and families and in the last 13 years I have developed my professional life in the NGO sector, working in a high school,  though informal education as a trainer, free lance writing. 

I love my job. I am a certified family therapist, member of the British Psychological Society, The Bulgarian Psychological Society, Bulgarian Association for Family therapy and I work on an individual level, as well as on the family system level, in my office in the center of Sofia. I actively work with English-speaking clients. I am the mother of two kids and a happy owner of a dog, a passionate decoupage fan and I rest by bringing life to old wooden objects. I enjoy watching psycho-thrillers, reading Irving Yalom, listening to Eshter Perel's Podcast.  

Crystal Salt



Great Psychologist. I have been seeing Anna for about 2.5 years in total and she has been great throughout the process. The tools she used and proposed were appropriate for my situation. She was well prepared for each session and her analysis and conclusions were always sound; without ever being judgmental. Her English is impeccable. Recommend absolutely


Annie is a wonderful psychologist! I was lucky enough to find her during a difficult period for me. After the first session I felt a huge relief and already knew that she is "my person" and the professional I can trust. It helped me overcome severe professional burnout (and not only that!). Thanks to working with her, I named and dealt with a number of limiting fears that prevented me from creating freely. And on many other levels I felt the difference (and I don't even remember what it felt like "BEFORE") anymore!
I recommend her to anyone who wants to get rid of an unnecessary burden - just look for Annie.


I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for meeting Annie. For me, she is the personification of a professional of the highest level, a very warm and well-meaning person. I can say that I have experience with various psychotherapists, and I myself am a psychologist by education, but for me Annie is a real find. I am happy that she has been with me for the last year and I am confident that I can count on her support. I wish you to be healthy, Annie, still smiling, human and full of energy and inspiration to help people.

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